IGG Games: Official Website, Is it Safe, How to Use?

IGG Games, not to be confused by the official mobile developers IGG “I Got Games“, is a website which offers pirated PC game content for free. This includes full version games as well as cracks and patches. It is one of the most popular game piracy websites worldwide, reaching up to 30 millions unique users monthly.

Does IGG Games have viruses?

According to our testing, as well as most reviews, IGG Games is not safe for downloading games. Firstly, the IGG Games website is filled with malicious adverts which can manipulate users into downloading or installing adware. These include popups and redirects. Furthermore, users on Reddit have found bitcoin miners placed in website redirects from IGG Games. Games from IGG Games can also be unsafe, with users reporting a range of problems such as the IGG Games team adding their own DRM (!) to actual malware being found in some downloads. This is most likely why the website has a measly 3.2/5 score on Trustpilot at the time of writing. However, it must be said that most games we tested from IGG Games did in fact work, and were the full versions of those advertised games. It is important to note that the IGG Games admin denies any viruses being present on the website or any of its games. Taken from the IGG Games FAQs page:

Q: Does this site have a virus?

A: No, absolutely impossible, you can not receive viruses while you visit the site, not just this site, but all other sites. You can only get virus if you download an infected file from the internet and activate them.

But why some people tell me that this site has virus or my anti virus reported that there are viruses while visiting this site?

They are just cheating on you. They say my site inserts viruses into your cookies. Most people download pirated games between the ages of 13-18 (according to google statistics), so they do not have certain knowledge and are easily cheated. No one can insert the virus into Cookies, even Cookies don’t work that way, for simplicity, you should search google for what cookies are, and how it works. But some virus programs reported that this site has a virus, it’s completely wrong, they are trying to block annoying ads, I admit that this is not good, but you can turn off the ads after 1-2s. These antivirus programs are trying to become similar ablock, besides ad networks trying to surpass adbock, so there’s always competition between them. I am the middle man, so I don’t care about this, I don’t want to have to edit the site every time the virus company updates something new in their software. As mentioned above, you can not receive viruses by visiting websites, so if you trust us, add us to the whitelist, otherwise you can use other sites.

How can I access IGG Games?

You can easily access the IGG Games website from its official link at https://igg-games.com

Note that techinfosite holds no responsibility for you visiting this website or downloading anything from it, piracy is illegal and not encouraged by us. Additionally, downloading from IGG Games can lead to threats on your device.

Who is the owner of IGG Games?

Although the owners of IGG Games are generally unknown, what is known is that the website was founded in Vietnam. The IGG Games team most likely consists of 20+ full-time employees as well as volunteers such as their comments section moderators.

Is IGG Games Legal?

IGG Games is unfortunately illegal as it contains pirated links to copyrighted media content, in this case video games. Although most countries will not take legal action against individuals downloading pirated content, it remains a law violation that should be avoided. The threat of action against downloading from IGG Games lies mostly in the form of ISPs sending users threatening emails, letters, or wholly cotton of users’ internet.

How to Download Games from IGG Games

Important: before downloading a game from IGG Games, we would recommend installing a strong ad-blocker on your browser.

  1. Visit IGG Games using this link: https://igg-games.com
  2. Search for the game you want to play. You can also browse through different categories or select the “Random” option if you’re not sure what to play.
  3. Click on the game title, and scroll down until you find the game’s download links
  4. IGG Games is a DDL website (meaning it offers direct download links rather than torrents). They also split larger games into multiple files. These files are hosted on a number of file hosts, such as MegaUp, Mega.nz, 1Fichier, GoFile, AnonFiles and Rapidgator.
  5. Choose your preferred file host to download from. We would recommend using MegaUp or Mega.nz, but be aware to skip the annoying ads on MegaUp. Also be aware to skip the “redirection links” which you will encounter before the file host opens. Make sure you install all the file parts for your game.
  6. Once the file parts have finished downloading, select them all and extract them using a decompressor software – we recommend using WinRAR to do this. You will end up with one folder which contains the game.
  7. Inside this folder, if it’s a small game, you will get the fully installed game which you can just launch and begin playing (preinstalled). Otherwise, you might see a .iso file which you must mount and then run the setup. After installing the game, make sure to apply any crack/patch present in the downloaded files.

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