5 Best Websites to Download Old PC Games in 2023

Many gamers religiously claim that the golden age of PC gaming was in the late 90s and in the first years of the new millennia, and our team tends to agree. That was a time where video game developers allowed their creativity to reign free, and we saw works which defined gaming today, from RTS games like Age of Empires 2 and Warcraft, to FPS games such as Doom and the first Battlefield games. It was also a time where video game companies such as Blizzard made their names known with some of their best works. However, it’s unfortunate that a lot of these games are currently unavailable for purchase anywhere. Gamers that have an itch to play these games again might feel disappointed, however there is no need to worry. Especially over the past decades, websites dedicated to the preservation of these old PC games have sprung up to fill a gaping void in gamer’s hearts. This article aims to list the cream of the crop of these websites, where you can download your favorite childhood PC games for free without worrying about viruses or scams. Nostalgia here we come!


URL: http://archive.org

This US-government backed database of old media should be the first place you should search old PC games on. Thousands of archivists have populated the “software” section of the website with tens of thousands of old PC game media, including original ISOs and installers. Simply search the name of the video game in the search form (make sure to search in metadata as well) and you are likely to find dozens of results to match your search. Then, you can simply download the game either by using a direct download link, or by using the item’s magnet torrent link.


URL: https://www.myabandonware.com

This gem of a website is one of the largest databases of old PC games available online, currently boasting over 17,000 video games in their database, most of which are PC or DOS games. Each game listed on MyAbandonware has a direct download link via their servers which, in our experience, is quite fast. Additionally, they try to provide patches, fixes and for certain games, instructions for installing the game. For more difficult games, look out for the comments section which can guide you in installing the game. Overall, MyAbandonware is one of our go-to websites for downloading old PC games.


URL: https://oldgamesdownload.com

A relatively newer website on this list, Old Games Download also lists thousands of working PC games, as well as games on other platforms. The website has a lot of rarer educational video games which cannot be found anywhere else, and is especially useful as most of their games appear to be tested. Additionally, the website has an active community where you will find a lot of instructions and help from other users in the comments section. Overall, this website is a nostalgia goldmine which we would recommend our users to try.


URL: https://www.gog.com

You might be surprised to find such a popular website on this list, especially as GOG is generally accepted as a video game marketplace. However, GOG also lists an ever-growing list of free-to-download games here. These games, many of them classics from the 90s, are extremely easy to download and install as they rely on the GOG platform. If you want a quick old PC game to play, GOG is definitely a great option.


URL: http://www.abandonia.com

One of the classics on this list, Abandonia has a huge database of old PC games. It was once upon a time one of the most popular abandonware websites around, it unfortunately doesn’t seem to be updated that often anymore. Nevertheless, the old content the website included is still online and each game has a direct download link available to download. You will find thousands of extremely rare games here which you will not find anywhere else online.

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