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Coronavirus: social platforms united to crack down on rumors, took this big step

All social media platforms have come together to crack down on the rapidly spreading misinformation related to Coronavirus. Social platform companies.

such as Facebook (Twitter), Twitter (Google), Microsoft (Microsoft) have started deleting posts with incorrect information related to Corona from their site.

All the companies shared common information from their official Twitter account and wrote that we are working unitedly in the ongoing war against COVID-19. Along with helping millions of people to stay connected jointly, we are also facing post broadcasting by doing fraud and misinformation about viruses jointly.

He informed that official content is being promoted on All social media platforms and important updates are being shared regularly in coordination with government health agencies.

Let’s say that just a few days ago, social media platforms Facebook and Instagram have banned advertisements selling medical face masks on their platforms so that people can not take advantage of the coronavirus emergency.

Rob Leithorn, who led the Trust / Integrity Team (for ads and commercial products) on Facebook, announced the decision on Twitter. At the same time, Microsoft has launched Corona Virus Trekker to track the information related to the global epidemic. While Google has launched a Coronavirus screening site.

social media platforms
social media platforms

In this episode, Amazon has also started removing such products from its site which are making false promises like eliminating serious diseases like coronavirus and reducing its effect. Given the coronavirus, this step taken for the benefit of the people is greatly appreciated. Let us tell that till now around 192 countries in the whole world have been caught in the virus. The number of patients infected with this virus has reached above 3 lakh, while 16,362 people have succumbed to this serious disease.


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