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Shock to customers, from Netflix to YouTube, you will be able to watch videos only in SD quality, this is the reason.

If you are thinking of spending time watching online videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube at home at the time of lockdown, then this news is for you. All the online streaming company has decided to reduce the video quality from HD to SD, giving a shock to the customers. This rule will be applicable until 14 March.

netflix to youtube
Netflix, YouTube

Significantly, due to Coronavirus, the lockdown has been declared in the whole country. Due to which the internet is being used more. Increased use of the Internet is directly impacting the network infrastructure. Due to which internet speed has reduced. To reduce this pressure, companies have decided to do high-definition (HD) video streaming in standard definition (SD).

Now users will be able to watch only standard definition i.e. SD video. However, there is still an option to watch videos with HD quality on these video streaming platforms. On the other hand, Prasar Bharati has said that video streaming companies like Amazon Prime and Netflix will have to offer content with standard definition quality by March 14. Also, the bitrate of the video should not exceed 480p.


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