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How to put an iPod in recovery mode?

In this digital era, we all know how easy it is to get the software damaged by a device either accidentally or due to some software damages. To help sort the issue out, iPod recovery mode is the way to reload the device with a new OS (operating system). The reasons can be different such as a damaged OS, a need for a device upgrade, etc. 

Also, sometimes the iPod shows a problem of frozen touch named “white screen of death”. The iPod touch can sometimes freeze completely and the device becomes inoperable. This usually happens when one either updating the iPod or trying to restore the iPod touch.

These are all the scenarios when putting the iPod into recovery mode is needed. And this is how it is done:

Step 1: Charge the iPod

Make sure your iPod is enough charged and if it’s not, put your iPod on charging to charge it.

Step 2: Connect with your computer:

To put your iPod in the recovery mode, you will have to connect your iPod with the computer and open iTunes.

How to put an iPod in recovery mode? 1

Step 3: Restart the iPod:

To open the iTunes, force your iPod to restart by pressing the power button and Home button together. Continue pressing it for at least 10 seconds even when the apple logo appears. Keep pressing until the iTunes logo and recovery screen appears.

Step 4: iPod in recovery mode:

Now the device is in the recovery mode. The computer screen will show the iPod’s software updating.

Step 5: Unplug the device:

Now once the software update is done, you will have to get out of his recovery mode. To do so, unplug the device from your computer, press the home button and power button together again and you will see the device turned off.

Step 6: Turn on the device:

Now just turn on the device again and the device is again in the normal mode.

To make lives easier when it comes to get the software updated or repair the damaged software, the recovery mode feature provided by Apple is way too easy if you are already having iTunes on your PC or Mac and you will be able to carry out all the necessary steps required to put your iPod on the recovery mode.

It is not difficult but requires some important steps to be taken properly that are mentioned in this article to help you put your iPod in the recovery mode and also to take it out of it.



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