How to log into Snapchat without verification code or recovery code?


Snapchat, a mobile app for both iOS and Android, is being used widely all over the world by millions of people. The most interesting feature is the different filters that this app introduces almost every other day that makes it a fun-to-be-on application. Snapchat does not only entertain but also connect people across the globe when people share their stories and snaps.  

Despite being one of the most used apps, privacy is one of the major issues when it comes to Snapchat and also different social media applications. Snapchat sends a verification code to the registered number if one is trying to log in from another device. But what if you don’t want to register with a phone number as there are times when someone loses access to their numbers? Well, here’s how you can log in to Snapchat without a verification or recovery code.

  • Install Snapchat:

First and foremost, install the app on the phone, the screen that appears will have a “register” option that you have to click.

  • Fill your information:

Now after clicking register, you’ll be asked your name and your birthday. Fill it respectively with the name you want to keep and your birth date.

  • Choose a username:

Choose a unique username that must not have been used previously by any user. Snapchat will tell you to change the name if it has been used before. Also, keep the name that you can remember easily.

  • Enter Password:

Enter a password that you are sure about remembering properly. You should use capital and small letters and numbers to make your password unique and also difficult to be guessed by someone else.

  • Enter E-mail Address:

Snapchat will now ask your E-mail address. Provide the address that is in your frequent use and you are sure you won’t forget it. After that, if 9 grid images appear, do what the instructions above tell you to do.

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Snapchat email screen

Snapchat may also give you the option to add a phone number or search your friends but you can skip both options by pressing the skip option on the upper right corner. 

Although, if the conditions are not favoring, a person may need to login to Snapchat without a verification code with concerns about privacy issues, verification code is mandatory to be put because it protects one’s profile from fraudulent users. 


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