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How to get a BitLocker recovery key from cmd?

To find your BitLocker key, you must first know what the BitLocker key is. Bitlocker key is basically designed to protect the data in your computer by allowing encryption for the whole volume of windows. It is a 48 digit password consisting of numbers that can be utilized to unlock the system.

By using encryption technology, the BitLocker key is automatically generated. The 48-digit password can be used to unlock a protected drive. The key can be stored in different locations such as USB flash drive, paper document or Microsoft account.

While there are different methods to find the BitLocker recovery key, the easiest one is to recover it from the cmd that is Command Prompt. Cmd (Command Prompt) is an interpreter available in most of the Windows Operating Systems. It is used to execute commands which perform advanced functions and help to solve certain issues related to Windows.

To find out BitLocker key from the Command Prompt, one needs to follow these necessary but very simple steps:

Step 1:

Type cmd in the search bar of your computer and click the first option that pops up, which is Command Prompt. A black screen pops up where further steps are to be taken.

How to get a BitLocker recovery key from cmd? 5

Step 2:

Open the Command Prompt as an administrator and run the following command and press enter.

manage-bde -protectors –get C:

A screen with different information pops up. The line pointed down in the picture is the command line whereas the “C:” shows the symbol for C drive. The command mentioned above explains to get PDA protectors for the C drive.

How to get a BitLocker recovery key from cmd? 6How to get a BitLocker recovery key from cmd? 7

How to get a BitLocker recovery key from cmd? 8

Step 3:

Once you press enter, you will find a 48 digit long numerical password. The numerical password is divided into two elements. The first one is the ID which is public information that anyone can access while the actual password is the 48 digit number that is the BitLocker recovery key you were looking for! The red arrow in the picture below indicates the recovery password.

How to get a BitLocker recovery key from cmd? 9

Once you get the recovery key, you must copy it and print it down on a paper or you must secure it somewhere safe such as a USB drive or note it down on a piece of paper. This recovery key can be used when one needs to unlock one’s drive so this is a piece of very important information that one needs to take care of. 


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How to get a BitLocker recovery key from cmd? 13

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