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How to change the Recovery Email on Gmail?

How to change the recovery email on Gmail?

Many times, we forget our email addresses or passwords and fail to log in to our accounts, which is not only worrisome but frustrating too. But recovery emails are there for the rescue! Recovery emails are used when you lose access to your accounts and fail to login.

But what if the scenario gets worse and you forget your recovery email’s password as well? Scary enough, yeah! But the “Change Recovery Email” option on Gmail can save you the hustle. Here’s what you have to do:

1- Open your Gmail Account:

Once you open your Gmail Account, a screen like shown in the picture below appears.

How to change the Recovery Email on Gmail? 1
Gmail Account

2- Go to Settings:

Click on the settings icon that is just below your Gmail profile picture and then click Settings on the dropbox appeared. A new page will open with various options that are aligned horizontally on the top.

How to change the Recovery Email on Gmail? 2
Gmail Setting

3- Select Accounts and Import:

Now, you will have to select the option Accounts and Import that is the 4th option from the left hand. A new page appears with different options. The first option says “Change Account Settings” and has three different options from which you have to select “Change Password Recovery Options.”

4- Click Security:

Now once you select the “Change password Recovery Options,” another tab opens with various options on the left side. Click security to get the possibility of recovering your email. Scroll down and click “Ways we can verify you.”

5- Select Recovery Email:

Now this option below has two options, the recovery home number and recovery email address. You can select any of the options that you have to change. For changing the recovery email address, select recovery Email. Once you choose the recovery email option, your recovery email appears. Beside it, there’s an icon shaped like a pencil, click it to edit the email.

6- Save the Changes:

Now select the already existing recovery Email and change it with the one you frequently use. Once you’re done with it, click the done option below so that the changes you have made are saved.

Recovery emails are a huge help in order to recover your account or even get updates if your account’s security is threatened. Therefore, it’s essential to put an email that you frequently use or at least clearly remember the password of, but even if you don’t, Gmail’s Change Recovery Email Option is here to save you the trouble!


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How to change the Recovery Email on Gmail? 6

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